Only we really know ourselves, but sometimes it can seem like we have no idea at all who the hell we are or where we are headed in life. And you know what? This can be kind of frustrating, no? Heck yes, it can. Surprisingly, some of us don’t even want to know who we truly are deep down under those layers of societal conditioning and parental programming. It’s warm and cozy in those comfort zones and many if not all of us have chosen to stay put rather than to venture out (or in, in this case) to the “unknown” of our very own Self.

The first step is living an authentic life, is being conscious that you are presently not. If you are the type of person who has continual chaos in their lives, but always looking outward blaming the world and other people for your problems, rather than taking account for your own thoughts and behavior, then you may not care too much about being “real”. Why? Because you’ve subconsciously learned that it’s safer to change and morph yourself around external situations. In other words, you have learned to live RE-actively, rather than PRO-actively. But, I ask you…which one sounds more powerful?

Exactly…living PRO-actively, that is choosing your thoughts and actions for the “highest good” and using Universal principles to work with life, rather than just sitting back and reacting as life appears to keep “happening” to you. We always have a choice as to which way we can live our lives; both are purely perceptual and equally as powerful when it comes to manifesting your reality.

Think of it as playing your game with your rules as opposed to someone else’s games with someone else’s rules. How does that sound? As a matter of fact, how do NO rules sound? When you take the following 3 actions you take the steps to literally create space in your life for greater things to come in, merely because you are finally ALLOWING it! In order for what we want to enter our lives, we must resonate with it or match it’s frequency and in order to do that, some shifting must occur…

Show Up!

This may seem pretty obvious and some of you might be wondering, “Umm…how can I NOT show up for my own life?” Well, many of us don’t show up in our own lives every single day. Instead we settle for mediocrity. We might convince ourselves we are satisfied with our job if we happen to get a promotion, but if we are hearing a voice deep within calling us for greater things and we’ve been ignoring that voice, then we are NOT showing up fully in our lives. We are not living authentically and not living the truth we were destined for.

So, how do we get there? Even if it takes years, as long as you do one thing each day that gets you closer to you doing what absolutely makes you feel alive, then you are showing up! Avoid the temptation to judge your progress or compare yourself to others. And always make sure to celebrate ALL of your successes, no matter how small or trivial you convince yourself they might be. It’s so important to not expect others to always be the source of support and to make sure we are developing our relationship with ourselves. Self-recognition, encouragement and love are all wonderful ways to do that; as long as you find a way to treat yourself for a job well done and are acknowledging your milestones!

Speak Your Truth!

Now, this isn’t a free pass to just go around insulting people, etc. but it’s also about finally letting yourself FEEL! If you’re truly angry, then feel the anger, but what we want to do differently here is not sit and fester in it. We don’t want it to guide us down a spiral of depression or resentment leading to stagnation. We want to feel through it, see why it’s there and what it has to teach us in this moment. We are learning to observe our emotions for what they truly are; Energy In Motion. And the more we become observers as we are feeling at the same time, the more we strengthen the muscle of allowing and letting go. We find it will become easier to work with our emotions instead of being a confused slave to them. We will begin to feel more comfortable asking for help and for things we need and want and again the more we do this, the better at it we become. We also become better at allowing others to do the same because it’s reciprocal. The more we are feeding our own souls, we are showing others how to do the same. This is TRUE empowerment!

Be Humble, Be Grateful, Be Open!

Okay, this may sound like 3 steps in one, but they all go together so nicely I promise you! When we can stay grounded in who we are and stop comparing our own path and journey to another’s, we allow ourselves to grow in grace and patience. I would say personally this is one I struggle with the most as I tend to be my hardest critic. I am always finding that I tend to judge my own journey as always “not good enough” as this is one core belief that has deep, deep roots I am still doing immense healing work around. While I still do my shadow-work, I keep close to my heart how important it is that once the awareness returns to be kind to ourselves, to return to gratitude for my journey and finally to be open to what is yet to come. To know and trust that the Universe is always sending little signs and signals that are designed for your unique spark of consciousness is so helpful as we venture through life.