The Journey of the Soul is one of ever-learning, evolving and growing. I put it to you there is nothing else going on but this miraculous self-realizing process. The One is expressing itself through the entirety of form in the Universe – through you, through your soul. Whilst we will create things in this process, whilst we will have relationships and fall in love, these are the effects of the miraculous weave of life simply expressing itself. Life is looking for ever higher harmonies of vibrational joy and alignment. If this is true, then how might we consider the phenomenon of a ‘mistake’ on the Spiritual Path? What is a mistake? Is it possible to avoid them?…

The only true mistake?

I put it to you that there is only ever one mistake that one can make on the Spiritual Path: that is to do something, to have an experience, and not to learn or grow from it.

The Universe is not trying to achieve any particular thing. If it was, that would presuppose some original intention, which in turn would presuppose a creator, and if there was a creator, where did it come from? What preceded it?

You can only truly postulate that the Universe came from the infinite potential of the condition ‘nothing/everything’. If there was ‘something’, you always have the challenge – against what relativistic phenomenon was that something defined? And then you need an explanation for the phenomenon and so on and so on (you always need something else to define the new phenomenon by).

In my knowing and understanding, the universe exploded into light – into pure awareness – as a natural consequence of infinite potential: given infinite time (before there was such thing as ‘time’) then you have infinite probability that pure presence would subdivide into flows of awareness. Science refers to ‘ripples in space’ emerging from the singularity, that then cascade outwards in a chain reaction causing the “big bang”.

The point is, you are that One – that infinite potential – having an experience. And nothing else is going on. We just fool ourselves that there is something specific to do, because we fool ourselves about the notion of identity – that we are some thing. We will do things, and they will be wonderful, but they emerge as a natural consequence of the One (at the core of you) expressing itself.

Back to the Source

This realization alone, can bring with it a great sense of release and letting go. There is nothing specific for you to achieve. And by letting go into this potential inside yourself, creativity will effortlessly flow – that is when you’re not struggling to create. It is the flow back to the source, back to The One (inside yourself) by your own soul that will create in abundance when allowed to – when the ego is not getting in the way.

The soul experiences a compelling yearning to journey back to the source – back to the presence of The One. What gets in the way, is where it is not realizing of this One Self (of this infinite potential) where it gets confused with the separation consciousness – within matter. It’s where the soul thinks there is something specific to do and create. But the soul is a divine expression of this Oneness, seeking out ever superlative reflections of this. It is literally learning through every encounter to become that finer expression.

This means something crucial to the journey: in terms of what you create, how ever your interactions in life go, you simply cannot make a mistake. The only true mistake you can make, is failing to realize something about your self – about your soul. Because if you don’t realise what you could have, then by the Law of Attraction, you’ll naturally recreate that pattern (although through different circumstances) in order to make that particular realization).

How might you benefit from this knowing?

The 3 benefits from constantly learning


  • Firstly, if you accept that there is nothing physical to gain, apart from the experience itself, then it frees you from the need to manifest. This in itself is a tremendous liberation.
  • Secondly, by revealing that the purpose of life is to continue to learn, evolve and grow at a soul level, then you can become the ‘winner’ in all situations and circumstances. You simply have to ask: “Why did I manifest that situation?” “What was I meant to get from it?”
  • In realizing what you were meant to get, brings greater integration, congruence and alignment to the soul. It feels like constantly coming home to yourself. This is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. You feel yourself expanding in self acceptance and love.

Living a bountiful life

I believe the only mistake in life is not to learn from the circumstances that befall you. It’s time to set yourself free: to become the constant learning, evolving, growing creature that is inherent at the core of you – What a bountiful life!