The runner and chaser dynamics is relevant in all relationships not just the twin flame relationships. However it’s more common in a twin flame relationship.

The runner and chaser dynamic can change roles for each side of the relationship. It happens when one partner is not spiritually enlightened and does not understand what is happening and becomes confused. So the runner will run and chaser will chase after the runner.

Listed below are important elements in a twin flame relationship to bring balance.

The Runner And Chaser: One of the twin flame most often the man, becomes the runner. The runner tries to escape all confusion by running away from the relationship. Even if you were to ask the runner, they won’t have any reasons for running.

They don’t know what’s going on, or they feel like they are losing control, often they feel irritated for no reason. They have not been through this situation before and don’t know what to do, so their natural defense, their mind tells them to run away or even worse end the relationship.

What can you do if you are the chaser? If they are running away, it’s best to let them, chasing after them will only make them run away even more and even the attraction may die. Center yourself, not chase and don’t be needy.

When the runner finds that you are no longer chasing, they will come back to you. This step is hard to go through, concentrate on who you are and don’t let this energy distract you.

What if you or your twin flame is in a relationship? Probably saying to yourself “if they truly love me why do they shrink and run away” This is a scenario where the twin flame partner is not ready to reunite due to them having another energy in their life.

Until the relationship have dissolved naturally, for now your twin flame will run from you. If you are in a relationship it’s not wise to say you are single, they can pick up your energy through their spiritual cord. There will be an internal struggle for the both of you.

What can you do? There isn’t much you can do to get your twin flame to be with you, you have to allow their relationship to dissolve naturally. They are not ready for you to reunite, it’s best to let them be and allow their soul mate relationship to continue.

Find Your Twin Flame Only For The Right Reasons: Before you even start to think about finding your Twin Flame, you really need to have a deep and long think about why you want this in your life, and why now? It is very important that you are completely ready and are not wanting it because it is “trending” and your ego says “Hey!…I want that too, everyone else seems to have theirs, where is mine?

You must be ready, and by this I mean you must of done a huge amount of inner healing, your body, your heart and your soul. Self development is crucial and if you are not willing to be honest with yourself, and do the necessary work, then you are asking for a world of pain and heart break.

It is not something that you can force into action, and you will not meet just by chance either. There is a predestined soul contract in place that will come to fruition when you are both on the same mission; this shared mission helps the universe to conspire to arrange a meeting. It is a magical event as their feelings; skills and consciousness are heightened to meet you.

Both of you will receive extra doses of love energy, desire, and enthusiasm to sustain you, to accomplish your all important joint mission. Your spiritual gifts and abilities will also gain a huge boost.

The cosmos is geared up for you to recognize each other and honor your joint mission, these missions are never small, and they are designed to affect the universe in the most positive way.

So in conclusion, if you think the concept of meeting your Twin Flame is all about two souls sharing a deep, spiritual love connection, then you are wrong, and it is your ego talking. It is never a simple quest to fulfill and not one purely for the two of you.

Often Twin Flames fail and get distracted, not noticing that they are granted this special gift, and their part to play for the universe to benefit.

Being in a Twin Flame union is not for the spiritually weak, not for the damaged souls that have not bettered themselves. There are enormous challenges set in place, so this is why you need to have first done the ground work to be ready.

Often you will be placed in a situation of tearing down the walls of incompatible cultures, age groups and mostly religions.

This is due to the job Twins are mostly here to do, and that is to create a new template for all relationships on our beautiful Gaia. Uniting not in ego, but coming together to tear down old societal conventions, traditions and belief systems to restore a harmonious balance of love for all.

As you can see there are many reasons why your twin flame can become the runner, either they are not understanding what’s really going on and have become confused, or they are in another relationship and have another energy in their life.

You should only unite with your twin for the right reasons and when you are both ready for each other.