The Mirror Exercise goes back as far as ancient times. Prehistoric man had a psychic nature. Sensitive’s of the time would have found themselves gazing into pools of water, unknowingly viewing through a window into spiritual realms. Using this method early man may well have seen departed loved ones and gained insights into how he could increase his chances of survival in the difficult environment he lived in. The ancient Greek was an ardent mirror gazer. Historical evidence suggests that they used ‘cauldrons’ or any vessel large or small into which liquid was poured and then used for the purpose of divination. Eastern Traditions used polished metal to obtain their visions.

  • When attempting a mirror gazing it’s important to feel relaxed and pick a time that you wont be disturbed. Have some pleasant music playing quietly in the background and try to prepare a spiritual environment. It’s a good idea to call in the high Spirit for guidance and protection for any spiritual work. Lights should be dimmed but still allowing you to see into the mirror. It is best to perform this Exercise in a darkened room lit only by a candle or two placed in front of your mirror. Regarding the size of the mirror, it doesn’t need to be large, since you really only need to look at your eyes or at a point on your forehead, exactly between your eyes. It is ideal, however, to arrange it so that you can see your entire face.  Also, be sure to place the mirror one to two feet from your face.
  • This exercise will achieve the maximum benefit if repeated at the same time every day for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes. The most powerful times are at sunrise and sunset, as with most exercises, more time often yields better results, and we recommend a half-hour when possible.
  • The second most beneficial times are first thing on getting up in the morning and last thing before going to bed at night. If these times are impossible, then you can set aside two other times for you when you will not be disturbed.
  • Spend a few moments taking in the reflection of you, and then focus your attention on a point on your forehead, exactly between your eyes and about 2 cm or 1 in above the line of your eyes or your right eye.
  • Another highly recommended enhancement is to burn some incense prior to starting the exercise like Frankincense and Myrrh, if possible.
  • The mirror exercise can be done with you sitting either on a chair, or directly on the floor. Just choose whichever is the most comfortable since keeping the spine erect and straight is important.
  • Start the exercise by staring into the eye or between your eyes of your reflection in the mirror.
  • Focus on the eye image on the right side, which is actually your right eye.

One of the challenges of this exercise is to avoid blinking if you can, which will bring some tears. It isn’t easy at first, but it is an important discipline to develop. During moments when you are experiencing unusual phenomena (like seeing faces from past present or future, “auras” etc.), blinking can actually startle you out of the altered state, which makes perceiving these things possible.

If you would like to try a mirror gazing experiment but feel nervous about this you could have – full lights on.

Mirror gazing is not like meditation. People rarely go into a deep state of altered consciousness so you remain aware of your surroundings and in control the whole time. Sometimes mirror gazing experiences are quite spontaneous, occurring without any warning, preparation or training.

Whatever occurs, stay attentive to what you are doing and resist allowing something to distract you. You might even experience what is referred to as “The Dweller on the Threshold”.  These images are indeed  “not pleasant”, which is none other than your own self, desires, fears, etc, but this exercise could also connect you to your Spirit Guides.

Using mirror helps develop ability of seeing human auras (not as clear, as mirror reflects your light). You may experience someone different looking at you, not just a little, but very different. The image may appear very clear and replace your own completely; and as quickly as it is appears it can disappeared replaced by other images. Those images could be your Spirit Guides, who can help you to enhance your clairvoyance, perception, concentration, etc. However it could be a challenge to hold the image, as our mind is in constant ‘thinking process’, there are several parts to “The Mirror” exercise. There are a number of activities, which you are required to concentrate on – all at the same time. Now, to the Cartesian, Left, Thinking, Logical Brain, this is impossible, because it is only capable of processing one set of instructions at the one time. It will take some time to become quite.

If you do experience the Dweller, remember that it is also “The Angel guarding the Gates of Eden”, and Unselfish Love is the only way to pass through. Stare directly into the eye of that “unpleasant self” and love it. Yes, love it.  Only in this way can you transcend the self, by facing yourself, which ultimately leads to the return to Paradise and Oneness with the Universal Spirit.

This exercise should be done for no less than ten minutes.

Interestingly, however, ancient meditations like the mirror exercise are in fact based on the principle that people are always both receptive to, and transmitting these various energies.  Obviously, this is not new information to some.

By tapping into these energies, the mirror exercise helps develop:

  • Concentration
  • Self-discipline
  • The ability to “read” higher frequency vibrations/ “auras”
  • The ability to communicate visually
  • The ability to influence others by way of energies transmitted through the eyes
  • The ability to defend against other people attempting to influence you through the eyes
  • An awareness of previous incarnations of both yourself and other people
  • The area of vibrational influence surrounding you like a giant aura (also called your circumvent force)
  • This is incredibly increasing memory power. Sometimes you will get recall of dreams of which might have happened in your life few years back. I am adding this because I had the same freezing experience when I did this exercise by standing before table mirror. Even now I can recollect those dreams.
  • Can do this either in sitting position and standing position. When you like standing position it is better to use table mirror.

Psychological state and mood can influence the results of mirror gazing. If you feeling a bit low this exercise is not recommended unless you are sure you have ‘physic protection’ from ‘shadow energies/entities’.

Do not practice this exercises in the group or even in pair as ‘people thoughts, energies’ will interfere with your own.