Psychic healing works on the premise that our bodies are out of balance. As such, it aims to restore that balance with the power of touch. It helps if we think about disease being, quite literally, ‘dis-ease’, in that, we are not at ease with ourselves. So we need to feel at ease again.

How Does Psychic Healing Work?

Psychic healing is a way of healing the energy that is out of whack in ourselves. Everything on the planet has its own unique vibration. The vibrations of love, laughter, joy, happiness and contentment are satisfying and natural to human beings.

However, hate, anger, resentment, grief, fear or shame are very destructive to the human psyche. They can cause real problems to our physiological wellbeing as well as our mental state of mind. We can become blocked when a certain vibration enters our body and stays there. We cannot move on until we have resolved or released that tension in us.

Psychic healing allows us to resolve and release the tension. It regulates our vibrations and restores our natural balance. It is a way for our bodies and minds to return to a natural state. Imagine that every thought, action and feeling impacts on our psyche and then resonates throughout our entire bodies.

Every traumatic incident, every time we felt afraid when we were scared of being left alone, or the times we were unloved. All of these feelings are registered like scars on our bodies. As a result, our bodies and minds are weakened. When our bodies are weak we become prone to illnesses because we are out of balance emotionally.

In order to heal our bodies and minds, we must re-right this balance. Psychic healing is one way we can. Psychic healers use energy and chakra healing in order to identify areas that are blocked and need shifting. These areas can be emotional, mental or spiritual blockages. These blockages will manifest in very real conditions such as chronic or acute pain, depression, anxiety, constant infections, even cancer.

Can Psychic Healing Be Tested?

Psychic healing is being tested for the first time, according to the experts at ‘Therapeutic touch’ or ‘TT’ is another word for psychic healing. TT is being subjected to scientific tests. In Carlisle, UK, traditional treatments were given to people with severe psoriasis whereas half were treated with TT.

Before the TT starts, the healers relax their patients into deep relaxation. Then they work to unblock energy channels in order for the healing to begin. Professor Stephen Wright is the head researcher. He has been teaching the power of TT for over 10 years. He believes it is particularly useful in healing psoriasis:

“Scientific studies have already shown that TT produces a strong relaxation response. Stress makes psoriasis worse. TT can reduce flare-ups and the subsequent need for hospital visits.”

Professor Wright admits he doesn’t know the scientific reason why TT works, just that it does. One example is test subject ‘Harry’. Harry is a middle-aged man who suffered from many mental health problems, including alcoholism. He was treated with TT for 6 months. Now he no longer drinks or takes any medication. He calls the professor a ‘great healer’ but Professor Wright says it’s all down to Harry.

“He did the work, not me. Most of the time I spent with him was in silence – as is usually the case with TT. It allows the patient to switch on a healing response by going deep within themselves to re-harmonise.”

So can anyone be a psychic healer? The professor seems to think so as all it takes is for the healer to ‘hold the space’ for the patients to them work on balancing themselves.

As many healers don’t actually touch the patient, this would appear to make sense. The majority of them move their hands around a patient’s body, rather than touch it. They are trying to find blockages in the patient’s energy fields. As such, they really don’t need to touch the person.

Energy and Psychic Healing

In London, psychic healing is really taking off. But do you have to have some kind of belief that psychic healing will work in order for it to have some effect on you? Marketing manager Joel Sutton at Energy ‘Bank’ thinks not:

“We don’t ask people to believe because we appreciate that it is, initially at least, a difficult concept to grasp.” Joel Sutton

At the same time, Professor Wright cautions against using the word ‘energy’ when promoting psychic healing. He thinks that this will upset the traditional scientists:

“There are only four forms of energy recognised by physics: strong and weak nuclear forces; electromagnetic and gravitational. I know of no evidence that healing is energy-related.”

So, will we ever know how psychic healing works? Maybe not. But if it has changed your life, you are not going to worry about how it works. All that matters is that you are free from pain.