There are several different classifications of spirit guides and energies that we as humans can work with to help us on our journey. Most spiritual traditions teach about the elemental energy within the four classical elements. This is found in ancient Buddhist texts, Native American spirituality, shamanic traditions, within the Judeo-Christian and other monotheistic traditions.

Working with elemental spirit guides can give us insights and strategies to promote positive changes in our lives, reveal our unconscious self-destructive patterns, and transform our subconscious mind and create a harmonious and balanced internal story. Elemental guides can also assist us when we are walking through a difficulty or life challenge, as well as intensify our ability to manifest the lives we want.

It is not difficult to connect with the elemental forces. There are many strategies that can assist in bringing these elemental forces into our everyday lives.


The spirit of water is associated with emotions and love. It can be used to help in assisting with emotional challenges, grief, and a better understanding and greater experience of love in our lives.

In many ancient traditions there is a parallel between water and being humble. It is said to be the humblest of all the elements, always seeking the lowest point. However, in its humble position it is also one of the strongest elements. In seeking the lowest position, it can evaporate into the air, satiate the flames of fire, and carve through the mountains of the earth.

If you are dubious about the existence of spirit guides like I was, I encourage you to at least try it before you brush it off. Acknowledge the possibility that you might be wrong ~ Aletheia Luna

Ritual bathing is one primary method to connecting with water.  Focus your attention on the area of life you want to deal with and then take some time to soak in the tub or take a showing. I have found it most useful that if I am working through a challenging emotion it is often best to use the shower method and if I am wanted to manifest more love in my life, I use the bath method.

Another easy strategy is to put some water into a glass and then take a few moments to program the water. Water has a unique ability to absorb and transmit energy. So taking a glass of water into your meditation practice and speaking words of love and compassion will program the water and then drinking the water at the end of your practice.


The element of air helps cleanse and clear space. It can assist in projects that require mental attention, logic, and reason.  Air can also assist when we need to gain inspiration about a subject or topic. It is associated with our breath and etymologically the root word for spirit in many languages is air or wind.

Using incense is one of the most effective ways to connect to the element of air. Set your intention and then light the incense and pay attention to the smoke moving through the air.  You can also set an intention before doing pranayama breathing exercises, or simply a breath meditation. Another wonderful way to connect to this element is to spend a day outdoors and focus on your breathing during this time.


The spirit of fire can intensify our intentions, so it can assist us in the process of manifestation. However, when working with the element of fire, it is best to be open to new insights as well. This element can bring about rapid transformation, and this often comes through paradigm shifts.

So, do not be surprised when working with this elemental energy if you go into the situation expecting to manifest one thing and then leaving your practice with a completely different desire or intention. The element of fire can also change things rapidly in our situation.

You can work with the element of fire by simply lighting a candle and create a meditative posture. Make your intention known and then focus your eyes on the movement of the flame. It is not advised to do a closed-eye meditation when working with the element of fire. You can also have an outdoor campfire and focus on the flames with a specific intention.

After the final realization and a complete mastery of all the elements in the universe – Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, a shaman will journey into the cosmos to permanently reside in the Upper Realms and live amongst the gods ~ Omar W. Rosales


The spirit of earth connects us to the here and now. It creates a greater sense of personal security and stability and can also contribute to a sense of personal well-being. This is an excellent element to work with if you want to become more centered and balanced. It is good for further cultivation of centering practices.

Working with the spirit of earth also helps in letting go of past challenges and assists in the forgiveness process along with alleviating worries about the future. The spirit of earth is also an excellent guide to help with financial or career issues.

Like the element of Earth, it is very useful to be outdoors to access the spirit of earth. Set some time for an outdoor centering practice and set your intention. Focus on the ground that is beneath you and feeling the energy rising-up from the ground connecting with you. It is also effective to remove footwear and feeling the ground under your feet.

I also do an indoor practice during the winter where I hold a stone from the outdoors and connecting to the energy of earth this way. It is not advisable to use crystals or other highly charged earth-based objects during this practice.


It is recommended with all these practices to enter the practice with an open mind, as well as a willingness to gain greater insight and understanding. When working with the elements it is not advisable to be rigid, since often the elemental energies shift what we think we want into what we really want. If you engage with these practices with only one possible outcome in mind you may very well be missing out on something even grander than what you are currently imagining.


It is also advised to use these practices in a posture of gratitude. Thanking the elemental energy for the change you will experience that will result from your practice. You may even want to use the words, “Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love you…” as a mantra during these practices.

This is a very foundational understanding of the benefits of working with the elements and some practical ways that you can engage with these elements in your daily life.