It’s necessary to understand the difference between spirituality and religion.

Anybody can be spiritual. We all can be spiritual and follow our own path. You can find your unique path to discover god and be align with him. That’s the path of spirituality. You discover your own path to realize the truth.

The religion on the other hand is a community. Now this community is gifted to you from the time you are born. You can be Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Parsi by birth. You are into the religion by birth. Religion is not by choice but by birth.

The path of spirituality you choose. The path of spirituality is all about science. You want to experiment and discover by yourself.

On the other hand, with the religion, everything is pre-written. You have to follow the path which has been discovered centuries ago.

Can I be spiritual but not religious?

Spirituality and religion is two different paths. They don’t meet anywhere. Rather you have to leave the religious path to adapt spirituality.

The religious path is already known to you. If you want or not, you are religious. You already know how to go to church, mosque or temple. You know how to pray.

On the other hand, if you ask the priest, what he knows about the self?

He will be confused. He knows how to pray and preach about god, but he doesn’t know anything about the self.

If he is following the spiritual path, he wouldn’t have been a priest.


Spirituality is something that cannot be handed over to you. You have to develop your own path. At every step you have to be mindful. You are simply aware. On the path of spirituality, every step is unique.

Say for e.g., I can tell you to practice meditation and even may give you a brief idea about it, but then you have to practice meditation all by yourself. If you practice meditation you grow. If you practice spirituality, you grow, but this growth is an individual growth.

The idea of spirituality and religion has to be clear to you.

The religion is well defined path. Everything is ready for you. You just have to walk.

The spiritual path you have to develop. Nothing is known to you.

Religion exists outside, while the path of spirituality is from inside.

Follow your own path.

Look inside, and ask yourself do you have a path?

On the path of spirituality, you have to discover the path for yourself. No fooling around. You are alone. If you want, you can fool yourself. If you want you can disguise yourself. But then there is a problem. You can’t fool yourself forever. On the path of spirituality, sooner or later you accept the truth.

Even if the truth stands against you, you accept it. You know truth is truth, although if it goes against you.

The spiritual journey is to realize your truth. Every step you take, you want to come closer to the truth.

On the path of religion, it’s difficult to say other person is right. While on the path of spirituality, at every step you realize you are wrong. Forget about the other person, you are wrong at every step.

You just can’t point the finger at others, because you know, you are far away from the truth.

It’s easier to fight in the name of religion, because the other person can be wrong. The other religions could be wrong. Your religion could be more right. But on the path of spirituality, it’s difficult to fight for anything.

All the time, you are introspecting your own action. Now, unless you experience the truth, it’s impossible to raise the fingers on others.

We all are born with the label of religion. The only thing you have to decide on the path of spirituality is, you have to live with that label, or you have to discover yourself beyond that label?

Choice is yours.

You have to understand that on the path of spirituality you walk alone. You won’t find your Christian, or Hindu or Muslim friend along the line. On the spiritual path you have to travel all alone.

You may find a companion along the path but they will part ways, after a point. You have to learn to walk all alone.

The religion is a developed system where everything is sort out. The path to god is sorted out. You know what needs to be done, to appear nice in-front of god. You will find many friends on the path of religion. Well, you will also have your family, friends, relatives and everyone around you.

The spirituality is all about discovering yourself.

The choice has to be made.

Whether you are really interested in discovering yourself, or you want to follow the age old path with your loved ones?

Overcoming limiting beliefs.

They both are absolutely different. Spiritual path is different. Religious path is different. On the religious path, every step is pre-defined. You don’t have to question anything. All you need to do is, keep walking.

On the path of spirituality, the question arises at every step. There is lots of chaos and confusion. This is an unfamiliar path. This is the path of truth. You have never walked upon this path. Everything is mystery. It’s a dangerous path. There is only darkness before you see the dawn.

But you experience the light. The light exists. Buddha has experienced the list. Krishna has experienced the light. Jesus has experience the light. Muhammad has experienced the light.


If you are willing the light exists. The human souls have proved light exists. No fear. Dive deep into it and light exists.

The meditation is a tool to experience the light in you. You can run as much as you can and as far as you can, but one day you have to come back to the self. The practice of meditation connects you with the true self.

You have to break the inner barrier and realize the truth. You have to adjust yourself to the new normal. The new normal, where you are one with the ever flowing life. You are no different from the life that works as a whole. You have to be one with the life that works as a whole.