No doubt, the world has never been more chaotic and confusing, and with contradicting data streaming from the internet, social media and MSM, it’s nearly impossible to know who and what to believe, especially with fake news masquerading as real news and real news being dismissed as fake news! Consequently, if we can’t trust the information we’re receiving, how can we make good choices for ourselves and our families?

Fortunately, by using a combination of logic and intuition, there are 9 ways to easily discern real news from fake news.

1 – Do Your Own Research

First and foremost, no matter how reliable you consider the source of your information or what they’re telling you, don’t take anyone’s word at face value. We all know that “experts” can lie, information can be misdirected and statistics can be manipulated, and therefore, always do your own research, especially when it comes to topics that could affect you and your family. Also, keep in mind that we naturally tend to seek proof that supports our past beliefs, and therefore, it’s a good idea to investigate information that we might have dismissed as untrue.

2 – Be a Critical Thinker

As a critical thinker, it’s important to use your eyes, ears and common sense, and make sure that you pay attention to details that you might have otherwise ignored. For example, if you’re watching the news on the internet or TV, here are some ways to quickly identify “false flag” events:

  • Notice contradictions or gaps in the storyline.
  • Notice anything that doesn’t line up properly or doesn’t make logical sense.
  • Can you identify any of the victims or witnesses from past crisis events?
  • Notice the background where the scene is taking place….is it consistent with the location and backstory?
  • Does the location appear to be staged?
  • If statistics are given, are they accurate?

3 – Notice Repetition or Scripted Actors

Be suspicious of news stories that are constantly repeated over and over again, and specifically, when multiple news outlets are showing the same images or various newscasters are reciting the same exact lines as if they’re scripted actors.

4 – Question the Mainstream

Simply by watching Hollywood movies over the years, we’ve all become desensitized, and in fact, we’ve been trained to surrender disbelief and just go along with the narrative we’re being told. While this might create an enjoyable experience while watching a movie, it’s not such a good idea while watching Mainstream Media.

Just like in the movies, the producers of Mainstream Media show you exactly what they want you to see and they make you feel exactly what they want you to feel, and if their presentation is successful, you end up believing exactly what they want you to believe. Just like well-trained actors know how to invoke certain emotional responses in their audiences, so do the best News Anchors.

Therefore, when watching Mainstream News Media, make sure to stay alert and inquisitive – and don’t get sucked into any scripted narratives.

(Did you know that according to a recent study, only 25% of Americans trust MSM?)

5 – Follow the Money…

Everyone knows that certain individuals and organizations have their own hidden agendas, and they fund specific causes or events in order to further those agendas. Therefore, if you can follow the money, you’ll have a better chance at identifying news stories that have been fabricated or manipulated.

Do your own research to find out which organizations are providing funding for a specific social cause or event. Then, do some more research to find out how these organizations might be benefiting from a specific outcome; the answer could help explain hidden motives.

6 – Scrutinize the Good Guys from the Bad Guys

Since it can sometimes be difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys (especially if they have mixed agendas), it’s best to approach every situation with new eyes.

While we might want to assume that nice people naturally tell the truth, nice people can lie and manipulate facts just as easily as not so nice people. Therefore, every News Reporter should be adequately scrutinized and all people in positions of power should be required to prove that they are worthy of our trust.

7 – Get Grounded

No doubt, we’re living through some crazy times, and it’s easy to get frazzled, but there’s no way to discern truth from lies through a frazzled mind. Since it’s impossible to think clearly when we are experiencing fear and confusion, it’s important to take time each day to center yourself and call back your energy from everyone and everything.

Moreover, if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, ask yourself, “Am I safe right now in this moment?” As long as the answer is yes, there’s no need to make rash decisions, and therefore, take the time to do your own research so that you can come to your own conclusions.

8 – Trust Inner Guidance

With so many conflicting messages coming from all angles, it’s often impossible to know who or what to believe, and therefore, it’s never been more important to cultivate intuition. So, for starters, whenever you hear something on the news or you read something online, notice how it makes you feel inside, and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not!

Instead of being manipulated or coerced by fear, riots or propaganda, learn to listen to your gut feelings or inner guidance, and only do what feels right to you!

The more you listen to your own inner voice, the louder and clearer it will become, and with a little practice, you’ll be able to trust your inner guidance above and beyond what you’re being told by the media, experts, friends, celebrities, politicians or anyone in authority. In fact, once you really trust your gut, it will become like a fool proof lie detector.

9 – Do Not Blindly Follow Along

If we watch Main Stream Media on a daily basis, and our focus is directed on crimes and violence, it’s all too easy to get enrolled in collective fear, and once we’re afraid, we’re easy to persuade. Moreover, if we’re made to believe that the majority of our community is moving in a certain direction, we might tend to follow the crowd, but what if the crowd has been brainwashed with false ideas – or what if we’re all being manipulated to move against our own best interest?

Therefore, it’s never been more important to question the narratives you’ve been told, and if something doesn’t feel right, be willing to ask difficult questions – and keep asking until you have clarity!

Moreover, you might also want to question some of your own beliefs, especially the ones you’ve never questioned before.

Think Outside the Box!

While our traditional systems are collapsing left and right, and chaos is continuously adding to confusion, it’s normal to seek the path of least resistance. However, don’t be fooled. Although the “path of compliancy” may lead to a temporary sense of safety and security, appearances can be very deceptive.

Therefore, it’s never been more crucial to think for yourself and listen to your heart….and even if you believe that you’re in the minority, you’re probably not! Indeed, the world is finally waking up!