Getting healthy or staying healthy is a bit more than mind over matter, but what you believe affects the matter of your body.  This takes place on a subconscious level (below your awareness), because this is where the automatic functions of your body and habits occur. There is no emotion involved in the subconscious, there is only function that forms.  Get this:  Function that informs the body how to live, to heal, to stay in balance.

Basically your body strives to stay in balance (homeostasis). Here is a very simple process of how the balance of your body can be upset:

  1. Something occurs to upset this balance:  physical or mental toxins trigger your body to respond to these invaders.  
  2. Two communication centers called nervous systems go into alert.  The central nervous system and the intestinal nervous system (gut). 
  3. Inflammation is a beginning responder to ‘things going wrong, the balance is upset, we must get things under control’.  
  4. If the inflammatory response system is ineffective, then other factors are also triggered. One is the manufacture of cholesterol, which is a hormone that builds tissue and repairs when violations occur.  Super low density cholesterol are microscopic portions that can lodge in the blood vessels and become hardened.  This can only by seen by magnetic resonance, not a standard blood test.  As the vessels become more narrow, then the bloods ability to move freely is compromised and much-needed oxygen and nutrition is restricted.
  5. Eating food containing cholesterol does not create cholesterol.  This is extremely important to understand!  Artificial products and excess sugar are large offenders to the body.  They attack the body as toxins and the body responds by getting irritated as it tries to get back to a peaceful state.  This all occurs behind the scenes and the results are most often not registered until years later.  Mental toxins as excess worry, uncontrolled stress also play havoc to the body stimulating an inflammatory response.

Many illnesses are more than a genetic cause and are now called ‘lifestyle diseases’.  Using genetics as a reason for this type of illness is a huge “doom factor”.  It’s almost like playing Russian Roulette. Why?  Because this belief disempowers and makes you feel that you have no control. Thus, you are a victim.  Fear is a huge player and this mental toxin can lead to compromised health.

A better way to look at illness or pain is to understand that it is a messenger. So a key to healing is to understand the message. This is why meditation, mindfulness and faith are powerful tools and allies in the healing process. These allies affect the subconscious, which is a major player determining your state of being and your physical health.

Can you heal from chronic, debilitating diseases?  It depends, what do you really believe?  It is a bit more than mind over matter, because your subconscious must know it’s reality. Just making a statement, I believe, is only the beginning. It must be truth, in the core of your being, beyond your awareness.  A higher state of consciousness will take you to places of sweet dreams where good health abounds and each morning is something to look forward to.