“Have you ever paused long enough to feel the energy of your environment?  Was there ever a moment where you consciously created another level of experience to evolve?

     A good comparison is the leaf as it moves through its process bursting into existence.

     The tree extends its roots into the soil of the earth to grow.  Rather like a human who plants their feet into the soil of physical reality.  Incarnating is not an easy task but the tree remains steadfast in its desire to blossom.  It creates the branches while soaking up the nutrients to complete the creation of the leaf.  The final awareness moment of the tree becoming a reality.

     The leaf becomes aware during the process.  It feels the sun, flutters with the wind while connecting to the roots.

     One day as the air turns brisk the leaf releases itself from the branch.  It glides on the wind to its new destination.  Releasing itself into the winds of chance, eluding its ego along the way.

     A human’s ego would chase the leaf hoping to control it.  Perhaps a better choice would be to honor the process while realizing the wind is the next level of frequency.

     In any situation ride the wind with focus.  You may find evolution when the wind blows in a different path than one you started with.

     Enjoy the journey.

     You are not a victim.

     The leaf does its dance then becomes part of the tree again through the soil of the earth.  It’s a beautiful dance.

     Be not afraid of it.

     Observe it.

     Fortunately the true path of the leaf may elude its ego.  It depends on how you wish to live the life.

     If you observe the flight one may ask how does one know how the leaf really feels.  Or does the leaf unite with the wind on a kaleidoscope of experience that would not be possible without the wind?

     Can the leaf choose?

     Can it become the dominant consciousness on a windy day?

     Leaves appear to be a victim of the wind but how does one know what the leaf is truly aware of?  Perhaps it’s not a victim at all.  Perhaps it has made a deal with the wind.  The flight of freedom allowing a different perspective.

     Do not be afraid of the winds of change.

     Perhaps the wind does not determine the journey at all.  Your awareness should be the guiding factor of the journey. 

     Use your consciousness to guide it to all the colorful experience available.

     The leaf is really not a victim but a consciousness that determines how it will rise to the next level after it exits from the tree.

     Become the leaf.

     Blend with the wind.

     It could be the most expansive experience of your existence.”

                                                                  ~ VERONICA