If you are a calm, curious, and wise person, you often get called an old soul. However, if you never fully understand what makes a person an old soul, we can help you out!

An old soul is a person who is way mature than their age, very grounded and not bothered by superficial things. The body of the old soul contains their reincarnated spirit which needs healing or has some incomplete karmic agreements.

An old soul always feels that they are seeking to fulfill some gap in their life or constantly in search of peace within themselves. Old souls have a quality of timelessness about them that makes them rare and special.

Pros And Cons Of Old Souls

Being called an old soul is more often a compliment because it inspires wisdom and grace. Nonetheless, being more mature than one’s years can be a difficult thing because it means that the person carries a lot of karma with them.

Old souls tend to be way too careful and thoughtful with every action and decision while souls that are new tend to go with the flow and are able to experience everything freely.

However, old souls have the advantage of being more understanding and experienced that helps them tackle challenges and obstacles with greater efficiency.

New souls are more attracted to the modern and hedonistic lifestyle while old souls feel isolated and disillusioned by the modern culture. We have compiled 11 characteristics of an old soul:

1: Curiosity

Old souls consider wisdom and truth as very important and stay away from superficial things. They have increased curiosity about world news, family, and friends. They ask questions, learn, and improve themselves constantly.

2: Perspective

Old souls are able to identify the reality and not get swayed by appearances. They can easily take a step back to see the larger picture and have a better sense of perspective.

3: An Outsider

Old souls perpetually feel like an outsider and take some time to find like-minded people with whom they can truly connect. As youngsters, they feel left out and isolated.

4: True Connections

Initially, all old souls find it challenging to connect with others but when they do find their tribe, they make deep connections that last for a long time.

5: Nature-Loving

Old souls not only deeply connect with other old souls but also with the universe, spirit, and God. They find a sense of peace and tranquillity by being close to nature.

6: Unconventional

An old soul is rebellious and thinks outside the box. They don’t follow the status quo and have a different understanding of the world.

7: Maturity

From a very young age, they are very mature and wise. They have a different perspective and deep understanding of things.

8: Not Materialistic

Old souls are not materialistic or superficial. They value old school teachings given by our elders and at school.

9: Inner World

Old souls have a deeply guarded inner world that is more important to them than the outside world. They are highly spiritual and frequently ponder, think, and reflect on life.

10: Special Gift

With past karma, they are often gifted with special talents like music, cooking, healing, or others without any professional training.

11: Alone Time

Old souls need some quality time alone to recharge themselves from the anxieties and reset their energy to take on the world again. Since things affect them deeply, they need some time alone to rewind.

Although old souls are rare, you must try to socialize and enjoy worldly things more freely. Old and new souls are all incarnations on some level and need to find their individuality to live fully.