Soul and Body are two different parts of human being. Soul being immortal; infinite energy while Body is destroyable and finite substance.

According to spirituality this body is only the outer most layer which gives the firm glimpse regarding the existence and identity of soul. The other important information which defines us, our personality, our, nature, emotional traits, and our soul are hidden behind this outer most layer. These all information hidden in the seven different bodies which exist in every human. When we see any human being then only his physical body is seen to us which is finite substance. This physical body contains no information or very little information. Basically our other important bodies are hidden behind this physical body. These bodies are interrelated to each other in similar manner in which different layers of onion surround each other. Before developing and living in the next body first we have to develop and live in the previous body. When we develop the qualities and characteristics of one body then only we move towards the next body and able to developed the quality, characteristics associated with that particular body. Basically these bodies signify the seven different developing stages of human life. It broadly classified the human in seven different categories. Every type of human being can be placed in either one of these bodies and he shows and exhibits the qualities and characteristic of that particular body. Initial bodies are more common and most of the people develop and achieve them. Where is the person living in higher bodies are rare and only extra ordinary person develop them. To have a firm understanding of these bodies, let’s understand each one of it one by one.

Physical Body:

Initially we all born and behave like an animal. Having different body shape from an animal is not sufficient to be classified different from them but to attained the other important qualities possess by humans are real differentiation factor. All human being lives in physical body from birth to seven years of age and this physical body must be completely formed during this period. After the complete formation and development of

Physical body evolution of other important bodies takes place. The people living in physical body are similar to an animal. The other important qualities and characteristics like feelings, thought and thinking power up to this time does not evolved in them. They only show the nature or tendency of copying others which is very similar to animals. There are some, whose only physical body forms. Their other important bodies became failed to develop. These people remain and behave like seven years of child for rest of their life. They live the life similar to animals and dies thereafter.

Etheric Body:

This Body develops from seven years to fourteen years of age. This body is also called emotional body. During this period feelings start evolving in humans. Now they not only shows love and affection for their loved ones but they also shows mercy, hatred or mixed feelings for others. This type of behavior makes them different from other animals. A feeling of superiority and being human is also developed in them. As soon as they reaches the fourteen years of age sexual feeling also rises in them. There are some whose only etheric body forms and their further development stops their only. They remain fourteen years of age for rest of their life. These person lives according to their feelings and emotional needs. They always give more preference to them. Their works and acts are in the direction of satisfaction of their internal thrust irrespective of right or wrong. These people are controlled and dominated by their feelings and emotions and they can be very easily utilized by binding them in their feelings and emotions. The other important characteristics like reasoning, thought and thinking power are not developed in them, at that pace, so that they overcome upon their feelings.

Astral Body:

Astral body develops from fourteen years of age to twenty one years of age. In this age men attains the ability to think, his thought process starts working and most importantly he can counter others views, thoughts his reasoning power. Now he moves towards a stage which is called adulthood. These people have their own thought and thinking which is very much influenced by the society, circumstances, situations and people. They have the ability to think deeply. In Astral body foundation of thoughts takes place on which building of their remaining life is constructed. According to their thoughts inherent behavior is developed. Most importantly it is not easy to influence them, they very easily calculate others move. As they completed twenty one years of age, acquired a stage which is called adulthood and became mature. Now he became ready to acquire many rights which are earlier not provide to them. There are some who’s only Astral body forms and their remaining journey of development and acquiring other important characteristics stops their only. They lived their rest of life in Astral body.

Mental Body:

Only those can entered into the mental body whose Astral body has been developed. This body forms from twenty one years of age to twenty eight years of age. In Astral body one is always dominated and influenced from his thoughts while in mental body mind becomes the dominating power. Mind calculates the pro and con of every action and accordingly perform the action. In this body our analytical capability increases tremendously.

We analysis anything not only according to our thought and thinking but also according to situations, circumstances, people and atmosphere. Now we are not only the emotional person or thinker but more than that who is called as in balance. Generally person living in mental body are art lover or have artistic qualities. They understand life. Followers of spirituality and disciple of occult science all gain super natural power including kundalini, clairvoyance, Telepathy and hypnosis in mental body. This body is very dangerous because after acquiring the powers some lost their path and consider this stage as the end of human development. They stop their journey here only. But there are some rare people who continue their journey and enter into the next body. There are very few who developed their mental body.

Spiritual Body:

Only those can enter into the spiritual body who have awaken their kundalini in mental body. There are very few who reached up this stage. The person having spiritual body possess many super natural powers. They have extra ordinary power to influence others. Their company makes you poise and calm. The other most important thing which makes them different from others is that they remain uninfluenced from the powers which they have. They remain internally unaffected from the fact that they possess many supernatural powers. They don’t run towards them or show them to others. They naturally gain them and quietly used them to serve others. If everything moves in the right direction then very soon they starts perceiving the spirit. Experiencing or perceiving the spirit is the ultimate point which can be considered as the end of spiritual journey by most of them. They stops their only but there are some who can’t stop there, they still continue their journey.

Cosmic Body:

The experience of spirit which was achieved in the Spiritual body is the greatest pleasurable thing. Only those Sadhus or saints can achieved the cosmic body who are ready to lose their experience of spirit achieved in the spiritual body. After losing their spiritual body they are called as twice born. There are very few who achieved this state. These sadhus or saints are very rare.

Bodiless Body:

Seventh body is called the bodiless body. This is the supreme stage where nothing remains and everything is lost. In this body only consciousness remains and body became the secondary. In this stage existence of body is lost. Body became perished but still consciousness remains in the rest of the body. Great yogis attain this stage and lost their soul in body less body. Buddha called this stage as nirvana. It is the end of spiritual journey. These personalities are rare to rarest.