“We are often queried about the ability to create a successful life.  Defining one’s ability to positively move through experience is a personal one.  Therefore the individual ingredients vary from persona to person.  Each of you have perspectives and talents that you bring to the table throughout the life pattern.

     There is one common thread that all of you possess.  It is the ability to listen….. truly listen as the dramatics of life unfold.  Decide to take in the expression of others.  Instead of dismissing the content of the exchange.

     We realize that self expression is a huge part of the linear experience.  It is important though to understand the ebb and flow of energy that is a critical part of it all.

     Expressing your energy is meaningless if no one is listening. Certainly all of you have participated with someone who does not truly “hear” what you are saying.  Thus the ability to truly listen becomes something of great value.

     So decide to listen.  Stop talking for a moment.  Take in whatever is being expressed.

     The ebb and flow of energy is a productive one.





     These are good steps to consider on your way to evolution and a positive life experience.” 

                                                                  ~ VERONICA