“In times of unrest one can feel powerless within their reality.  Events unfold that often do not reflect the inner narrative of your consciousness.

     It is possible to become confused by all the eternal chaos.  One can question their own stability while attempting to move through their life journeys.

     What can one do to remain focused in an environment that feels shaky at best?

     Focus on the self is a necessary component for creation of reality.  By certain standards this has been judged as superficial and single minded.  We suppose from individual perspectives this is true, however, the evolution of the self is a singular moment connected to the oneness of a more universal nature.

     Concentration of thought will bring forth what you think, of that there is no doubt.

     During times of healing it is important to give some focus to your own well being.  Give yourself permission to be in the energy of love that you so willingly have given to others.  It is time to be self engaged so that what has been depleted can be restored.


     Become a part of the energy flow.


     In that fullness you will be able to realign with your abilities and high frequency.  It will feel good to return to yourself.  Use the energy wisely.  Become the highest, purest version of yourself.

     Begin now.”     

                                                               ~ VERONICA