“There is constant thought in the linear.  Those who incarnate often take this thought process for granted.  It feels like they might be on autopilot with all the mundane actions one creates in a linear day.

     It is well known that thoughts create things.  The ability for a thought to transform into an event or creation is a blessed moment.  However what does one do when thought/creation/events all seem to implode into a huge disarray of negativity?

     Remember that you condensed your energy to participate in a life.  Upon incarnation, you manifest into a thick reality to learn and grow.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  What one often fails to realize is that you have come from a very fluid space where creation etc. are all of a more infinite nature.  So when the denseness of physical reality hits you it is often a paralyzing surprise.

     What to do?

     You are in the linear with deep roots in the infinite.  Linear has boundaries and rules, eternal does not.  The instantaneous ability to maneuver in the eternal is so much easier.

     Why not attempt to think more eternally instead of the learned linear one?  Younger souls at first try to move through the life without much consideration for the eternal.   It can be a difficult path.  Often feeling unnatural to the incarnate.

     Take time every day to separate yourself from the denseness.  Meditate.  Take a walk.  Slow down.

     Appreciate how infinite your thoughts really are.  Allow them to return to their natural state of limitlessness.  Combining the two perspectives….. linear and eternal can bring about the ability to create and learn in a dense reality with ease.

     Something to ponder on your journey.”

                                                                 ~ VERONICA