“The human body can be a very confining experience noted only when returning to the natural energy state.

     As we interact with you the comparison becomes more defined.  Often when one returns to the natural state of spirit there is a different focus that causes a forgetfulness of the physical experience.  so when we have conversations there is a prodding of thought that occurs.

     Since our initial engagement we have come to the ability of understanding both in a duality not known to us before.

     We refer to a question posed long ago which asked “What do you get out of this VERONICA?

     Now in retrospect we feel the need to reply as the answer is multiple from what we previously answered.

     We achieve perspective.  It is not feasible to assume that all spirit connect in the fashion that it should.  Young souls on their path in a moment of pause between physical incarnations may not have the clarity of one more advanced.  As the soul makes its way, the conversation such as ours would present great opportunity for growth.  The duality important because a true connection can be assembled.  This bridge bringing clarity for us as well as the physical human who participates.

     Knowing the dramatics of all of your participations allows for a big picture, whole story kind of experience.  Could you really understand a book if you only read one chapter?  The answer is no, you could not.  By helping those who wish to read the entire novel there is opportunity for expansion for us and the individual who seeks the knowledge.

    The joy of participating in any sort of growth gives our energy great satisfaction.  It is the intent of Spirit to have you know yourself, your journey, and your evolving consciousness.

     It gives us joy.

     Plain and simple.”   

                                                                 ~ VERONICA