“In the darkness keep your inner knowing as a shield against fear.

     Fear multiplies in your thoughts, becoming a separate force that hinders your growth.  Face diversity with your knowing.  Shine your truth upon it, while pushing it away from you.  Focus upon the light while giving absolutely no energy to the fear.

     After a reality may seem devoid of light.  Outside influences may hinder one’s inner knowing if one does not keep the flame of their soul burning.

     Decide to ten to your inner knowing light more often.  It will illuminate the path you are taking, making it easier to navigate.

     You can count on it even in the darkest of times.  Shine it brightly, it may even help guide the others.  Never give in to fear.  Realize that by facing it down you may find you’re more powerful than you think you  are.

     Stay focused.

  Know no fear.”

                                                          ~ VERONICA