“In a reality that is fraught with  chaos and negativity it is often difficult to feel a sense of personal power.  It can become a rat race of a maze that distracts one from the purposeful moment that brought them to the earth plane.

     Many have a sense of “loss/missing something” energy within their consciousness.  Instead of fulfilling their purpose they run in circles trying to define it.  A tedious chase for their inner truth.  This can cause the incarnate to feel adrift without being able to define why.

     Stand still for a moment.

     When one spins around in a biological form and suddenly stops doing so, there is often severe dizziness.  So when you stop, your energy can be compromised.

      Thus the important intent of standing very still to ground and center yourself.

     Request your intentions.  Really revisit with great focus.  Stand still while doing so.  Let your realty react to the dizziness until  it settles.  Observe it and realize you have control of it.

     When you take your intentions in a positive direction no matter how difficult it is), the universe notices and aligns itself to help you.  

     The first step…..

     Stand still.

     Settle with your energy.

     Revisit intentions.

     Star into the eyes of unrest and truly know you can defeat it.

     Stand still.

     You are a valuable component in the fabric of your reality.

     Stand still”.

                                                                   ~ VERONICA