“All incarnates experience very individual journeys while moving through a life.  It is never a good idea to assume everyone has the same actions and reactions to the dramas that can unfold.  Each of you have the unique opportunity to participate in a detailed personal journey.

     Investigate the subtle nuances of every step.  Pay attention to the small details, they are usually the most informative.  Many traverse through a life looking for huge explosions of profoundness.  Perhaps the most evolved expansion process is more subtle….. perhaps more profound than any huge event.

     The true lessons are gentle.  Perhaps realize that a harsh creation becomes necessary when you are not paying attention.  Often the tiny essence of a brief encounter can leave a huge impact on your soul.

     Pay attention.

     Walk through the life but be aware of the little things.  They slip easily into the pocket of your consciousness.  Take them with you.  The smallest gem can have the most sparkle.

     The linear was created to provide experience.  Decide that the details are the core of the reality that you create.

     Become one with each one.”

                                                           ~ VERONICA