“Being in physical reality encourages the incarnate to participate in external sensing.  Due to the dense nature of the earth plane the external focus requires great concentration.  Even the most experienced soul can lose their inner sensing while participating in said reality.

     Making an effort to connect with your inner self can help the disconnect within most incarnates.  Make a decision to begin to listen to your own personal inner whispers.  They are deeply ingrained in your consciousness and readily available.  By recognizing their existence the ability to utilize the vibration becomes a part of your daily routine.

     We realize that most will respond that indeed they do participate with their inner guidance.  This communication is merely an encouragement to dig deeper into those inner whispers.

     Live your life hand in hand with your inner guidance.  Choose to listen to the soft barely audible whispers.  Slow down, focus and truly feel those whispers.  Often it’s not so much the words but the hum of the vibration that heals the soul.

     Be the soul that responds to their inner whispers before a negative circumstance demands that they do.  Make your inner whispers loud enough for you to hear properly.  All of the answers you seek are within.  Allow enough quiet in your soul to be able to access that vibration.

     It would be a good step in the right direction.”

                                                                ~ VERONICA