“The soul through its vast experience knows how to heal itself.  Even if you do not recall the immediate dramatics the moments have been created and lived through.  There is great value in that creation.

     It is important to let the soul do its magic while walking through a linear life.  One forgets how magical the soul can be. It’s easy to get caught up in the dramas of physical reality.  The literal nature of the timeline often distracts from the eternal knowledge.

     Why not spend more time with your soul energy.  Combine it with your linear experience daily.  The soul has access to all of your experiences.  It makes sense to utilize all of your knowledge while living the current linear one.  Become more aware of your full self, not just the chapter that is unfolding now.

     By doing so, the focus upon your full self, you can allow your self to do its magic.

     Why not engage it?”

                                                                   ~ VERONICA