“We have often been asked what the eternal space feels like.  Many wish to feel the frequency to compare it to the linear.  Some remember the vibration while longing to reconnect to the peaceful frequencies.

     If we were to compare we would say that the linear is like a stream of water while the eternal is a fine mist.  That would make linear energy more dense and often more forceful, less peaceful.  If you have felt mist upon your face you know that it provides a peaceful experience.  Both carry elements of evolution, however the mist encompasses without harshness.  

     So when seeking solace in the linear choose to envelope yourself in the arms of the mist.

     Transfer the linear stream into the fine mist.  Allow it to comfort your soul while facing the denseness and harshness of linear reality.

     Visualize the mist and allow it to comfort and refresh your soul.  Remember a fine mist can envelope your essence.  A stream cannot in the same wonderful way.

     Create the mist while connecting to the eternal.  It’s always a helpful evolutionary moment.  Feel it on your face and in your heart.”

                                                                         ~ VERONICA