“In physical reality there are two types of awareness.  Internal and External.

     Of course there is much attention to the external, because creating in such denseness can be tedious.  One is always striving it seems to balance external creations with ease.


     What if the internal process is really the core power in your creative abilities?

     If one truly understands creation it is important to realize that it all comes internally.  The external is the result not the core.

     In times such as these one must choose internal over external.  It is truly the only landscape you have any control over.  By focusing internally you raise the bar upon which you are seeking to accomplish.

     It simply makes more sense to focus upon what’s going on inside yourself.  After all, your core is the best creator of your reality.  It should have the most attention.

     Decide now to focus upon your internal energy.  Fortify, fortify, and fortify some more.  It’s not easy to be a spiritual being in a dense reality.  Become proficient with your own energy.  It’s the best decision you could make.”      

                                                                                ~ VERONICA