“We have spoken before about the energy of the eternal being like a fine mist.  It is important to know that for most incarnates the circular motion of physical reality can be very uncomfortable.  One could liken it to a stream of water right between the eyes.  Most know this phenomena can derail the most advanced of souls.  

     If you struggle to find a comfortable place to physically exist, focus upon the mist.  Allow yourself to visualize, but more importantly “feel” the eternal energy.  It may help to stabilize your soul to be able to maneuver through the denseness with more ease.

     We realize that most of you are caught up in the wheel of physical reality.  If you struggle, attempt to balance your awareness in the visualized mist. 

     Feel its warmth.

     Become comforted by its stability.

     By changing your focus there is opportunity to live your life in a more productive comfortable way.

     Better yet, become the mist.

     It may surprise you.”     

                                                                     ~ VERONICA