“The past, present, and future nature of linear reality exists only because all accept its parameters.

     In the eternal there are no such parameters.  It is a difficult concept for those deeply involved in physical reality.  /There are many that find the whole concept tedious.

     One may ask how does one think more spiritually than linearly?  The first step would be not to dwell in the past, or to lust after the future.  One can reflect upon the past so as to recover from negativity.  However dwelling there creates a vacuum that is often difficult to move past.  

     It is ultimately the best move to leave it behind.  We did not say forget it, we say observe it while learning the lesson.  Let go of the immediate reactions.

     The future is a blank canvas.  It is ready to help you create the experience you desire.  The only true place to stand is in the present.  It allows for reflection but also offers positive opportunity to create the future into a new “now” moment.

     Decide to be in the most powerful position…..the present.  All will fall into place when you decide to do so.

     Be present.

     Be powerful.”  

                                                                     ~ VERONICA