“To cherish a desire with anticipation”

     Here is a linear description….. the word hope is from the Greek word elpis.  It means expectation, trust and confidence.  It comes from the root word elpo which means to anticipate (with pleasure)

     These are all definitions from your culture.  It also says that “hope” translates to wanting something to happen and think that it is possible.

     This is where it becomes important to realign your thoughts to embrace positive possibility.  Along the way many of you have gone “off course” during troubled times.  The sense of being in control of your reality has been diminished along the path.

     Decide that your path includes that awareness, that positive outcomes can indeed unfold in your current reality.

     It’s time to stop negative dialogue.  It’s time to put despair away while embracing all the fresh and new probabilities on your horizon.  Decide not to dwell in the past.  Pull “hope” out of your soul and use it as a goal marker in your daily routine.

     The past is over.

     The future is awaiting recognition.

     That leaves “the present” to unfold the foundation of a reality more positive.

     Believe in the essence of hope.  Draw it to you while walking through the current dense reality.

     The sun is rising.

     Bring “hope” forward in the coming days.  It’s time to turn the tide of negativity away from your awareness.

     Be hopeful.

     It’s the most abundant positive expression for you right now.”