“It is natural in the linear to fear the unknown.  For the vastness of personal creation cannot be perceived without a bit of unsteadiness.

     One can become more involved with the fear than the process of the creation.  This is difficult as one maneuvers through the reality.

     Fear is an ingredient that can derail the best laid plans of the incarnate.  It ignites a perspective that is often distorted and unclear.  Instead it would be prudent to decide that your personal soulful strength can out-wit and out-last fear.  It is after all a mere force that is only fueled by your participation.

     By not backing away, take the time to get a good look at what you are afraid of.  You may be exaggerating the fear.  You may realize that its blistering power has no relevance in your growth.

     Learn it.  Learn the truth.

     Walk away from the fear of the unknown.

     Dig into your own soulful energy and grab onto its high frequency.  Fear will lose all power if you see it for what it is.

     Be sure to stand strong in the face of fear.  Do not fuel the connection with self doubt.  Know that you are indeed omnipotent in your abilities.  

     Without fear you are truly a magnificent light of energy that can create without boundaries.

     Do not let far corral you into a space of confusion.

     You are way too powerful to not engage your highest frequency.

      When you say “no fear” it becomes a mantra of positive energy that is truly unstoppable.”      

                                                                              ~ VERONICA