“When one is living a life, many choices and actions are taken.  While there may always be good intentions, not all choices are positive ones.  Lessons and evolvement can occur with negative dramatics as well.

     The important thing is not to dwell there.  It is impossible to choose wisely all the time, even with good intentions.

     Once a choice is made it is often difficult to change course mid-stream.

     Thus the experience can be hard to maneuver through.  Decide to recognize that perhaps the moment can be mitigated through self awareness.  Recognizing inappropriate choices and correcting them is indeed a powerful engagement.

     Be a master of your choices, not a victim.  Attempt to see the value of calm clear thought with all choices.

     If indeed you make a negative one, find the value.  Attempt not to torture yourself with self loathing.  Instead own the moment and find the value.

     The value is growth.

    Growth = evolvement.

     That really is the  whole point.”

                                                                   ~ VERONICA