People now have renewed interests in spirituality. They have started to wonder if all the internal shifts in their bodies can be explained by the awakening in their lives.

Most of us have started feeling that we all are undergoing a huge growth as far as our own awareness is concerned. When a person says that someone is spiritually awakened, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is more evolved or open-minded.

Being spiritually awakened means that we are now in touch with our higher consciousness and things like ego or low amounts of self-esteem are not a part of our life anymore. By being spiritually awakened, we can picture the reality in a better way and it is not a blur anymore.

Being spiritually awakened means being able to see and learn the truth about love and power that is there in every human being. We see how everything is connected and how one thing leads to another.

As people go through the process of spiritual awakening, everything in life gets bewildering. Everything appears to be very different than it used to be and we end up questioning every aspect of our lives. This includes questioning our relationships, career and also the connections that we have made over the years.

Given below are a few things that will signal us if we are going through a spiritual awakening:

  1. We find ourselves in the middle of meaningful and magical coincidences. We cannot explain how things are falling into the right places and how we always end up in the right place at the right time.
  2. We notice number patterns everywhere. On televisions, clocks etc. The numbers include 11:11, 222, 333, and 444.
  3. Whenever we are watching television, listening to songs or interacting with animals, it feels like they are addressing the real issues that are going on in our lives.
  4. We feel like we are transforming into a completely new person and our old personality is somehow being overshadowed by the new one.
  5. When we do not jump to conclusions immediately and do not believe whatever the media is telling us. We delve deep into the matter and then come to conclusions.

Spiritual awakening teaches us to accept the darkness that exists or existed in us. It is only then when we can do that, we will feel good about the light in our body. As we go deeper into the process of spiritual awakening, it teaches us to understand and fight the darkness in us so that the darkness cannot manipulate our inner powers.

Facing the darkness can be very challenging and intrinsic for some people. It is as disturbing as going through the process of grieving. The different phases that people have to go through are anger, denial, acceptance, and sadness. The process itself is very long and people often tend to get stuck between phases. This makes the process longer.

Being spiritually awakened is like getting a reality check. Since the process takes a lot of time to complete, we want to share our stories and struggles with a lot of people. The problem is that most of the people do not understand what we want to say. Some think we are crazy and others are disobedient.

Not everyone is meant to awaken at the same pace. Some have to struggle more and some take a longer time. But working through these negative aspects of our life is important so that we can shed some light on those people who are about to begin their journey of being spiritually awakened.