“In the linear paths of the physical experience there is often the need to define the origin of self.  Depending upon the individual the search usually includes a physical experience in hopes of comprehending the eternal one.

     To define order, one immediately in physical refers to the linear.  It is a comfortable reference point in which you are focused.  Unfortunately as it is, we understand that need but wish a consideration of another possibility….. eternal/spiritual perspective which does not resemble your current focus in any way.

     The eternal line of consciousness has not the order one would expect, thus disappointment and confusion can accompany such a search.

     Outside the linear (which by the way is merely a particular focus) there is a vastness of energy moving simultaneously throughout existence,  It is quite impossible for most humans linear to grasp the concept while focused only upon current life patterns.  This is because most of you only use about 10% of your thought processes within your minds.

     In our discussions the topic of true eternal genealogy has risen.  By expanding thought, one may examine the full picture of one’s evolution.  By adjusting one’s personal creative processes there is a high probability of obtaining this awareness.

     Your cultural belief systems have aligned your perceptions to only include one line of existence.  Naturally those who wished to control the masses have pushed this concept for centuries in this timeline.  Imagine, if you will other points of focus that have not been stunted in their growth by this illusion.

     In your line of focus there are many who accept this concept as the basis of truth for their evolution.  It is in fact incorrect.  The idea is now a factual moment even for those who originally designed it.  The original religious moments in your physical were aware of this.  The path through the timeline has led to this unfortunate distortion.

     The progress is similar to the reading of one chapter in a novel, then proceeding to define the whole story.  One might perceive a possibility where the storyline is going but ultimately read the same chapter over and over attempting to make sense of it.  One often feels the “loop” internally, and desperately seeking a glimpse of the whole story structure that would provide a more satisfying experience.

     It has be said by many in the linear that “they are only human”, signifying that somehow this experience lessons the power of individual thought.  It is important to know that it is one’s own thoughts that created the design of physical experience.  Having knowledge of it does not diminish the results.

     You are not only human.  It is a condition set forth by yourself to gather knowledge and evolve.

                                            ….. to be continued     

                                                                        ~ VERONICA