“A lot of current incarnates have arrived at this time to be healing and helpful to the culture.  All of you realize the intensity of such an occasion.  It is important that all embrace the power of their inner soul when attempting to keep the vibrations of existence clear and calm.

     If you consider yourself a light worker in any sense, this is the beginning of blending your positive vibrations into the fabric of the current reality.

     Become a peace maker.

     Choose positive over negative.

     Allow that frequency to permeate your perspective.

     Keeping the outward peace can only be achieved when there is peace within.

     Become peaceful.

     It will emanate from you while you walk the Earth each day.  Consider it an active ingredient that will contribute to the greater good and bigger picture.

     Be the peace.

     The rest will fall into place as you participate.

     It is why you are here.”    

                                                                           ~ VERONICA