The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers – Thich Nhat Hanh

The strength of Old Souls.  What is an old soul?  A person that exhibits learning or wisdom that exists beyond their life experience.  An old soul is happy just being, not doing.  An old soul is not tied to drama or the material.  Most often, old souls just don’t seem to fit in.  If an old soul hasn’t understood this difference on a deep level within, then they often will have problems with self-esteem.  As an old soul practices presence, accepts they are worthy no matter what, their entire world shifts.

Here is how an old soul may view destruction. 

Instead of seeing brokenness, an old soul will see a process.  A renewal of sorts. They will see a storm come tearing, breaking, bending, washing things away, even the living. Then they recognize the process as it occurs. A breakdown that allows newness to occur. Paradigms shift. Energy changes, then the old, broken, and hurt turn into life. A new form arrives, arises, awakens, and allures those witnessing it to hope and wonder.  The blade of grass from the bale of hay. The earthworm in the seemingly rotten soil. The ray of sunshine on the splinter of misshapen trees.  The old soul doesn’t see disarray or calamity or carelessness. They see beauty breaking through the barriers of their own perception.  The old soul is relaxed and expects something good.  

How you view everything affects your thoughts and your body.  What you speak affects your body.  The part of you that is listening and changing your body is called innate.  It is the eternal part of you.  Ponder on this: think about taking a pill, either a prescription or an herb, just as it has an affect on your body, your words also have a powerful affect.  Be careful with your words, choose them carefully.  Craft your words as carefully as if you were a master artist creating a masterpiece.  

How does an Old Soul navigate life?

1.  Worthiness – you know this within!  Possibly this attribute has been hidden, tucked away and it just needs to be acknowledged and used.

2.  Joyful Spirit – the inner child remains.  Laughter creates a level of understanding within that allows relaxation, thus being able to enjoy yourself no matter what.

3.  Self balance –  recognize that you are in charge of you.  Let the difficult times pass, then move on.  Depression, it comes at times, but doesn’t last long.  Embrace the good times and ride high.

4.  Experience – this creates wisdom.  Been there done that.  The word remember has a particular feeling.  You know things and this knowing aids you in steering your vessel.   Synchronicity is common.

5.  Compassionate Action – empathy with the ability to transfer energy from yourself to another.  You know what to do and what to say to those hurting.

6.  Reality is yours for the creating –  you don’t fear the future.  You have control of what is next for you.  When a challenge occurs, watch your words.  What do you say?  Reframe and rewrite your words so they support a healthy outlook. For example: this is another challenge, I will get through this.  When this is solved something better will come or stability will come back.  

Be patient with yourself and others.  Be in control of yourself.  Practice self-balancing.  Practice, practice, practice.  Then, wisdom will be the predominant attribute and this wisdom will carry you through dark days so the bright days will be even brighter.  Faith is our greatest asset, our mind the greatest tool.  Using the two to focus on things worthy, good, pure, true are the avenues for clarity and peace in our life.