Give me a child for the first seven years, and I’ll give you the man. – Francis Xavier (1506-1552), co-founder Jesuits

For over 400 years, the Jesuits have offered this popular adage to their community. While many people are aware of this saying, I believe that few are aware of its meaning. Basically, the Jesuits were aware of something that science has only recognized in the last few years. This saying expresses a simple fact; between the last trimester of pregnancy and its’ first seven years of life, a child’s brain is predominantly operating at a theta, a low vibration below that of consciousness.

A brain is an organic ‘computer,’ simply a profoundly advanced information processor. By the last trimester of pregnancy, a child’s brain is endowed with an operating system. However, while a computer can be booted-up with its operating system, it is still not functional. To be useful, programs must be downloaded into the system. For example, if you want to use a computer to write, to draw, or to create a spreadsheet, one first needs to install programs before you can use the computer. The programs essentially provide the computer with ‘character.’

Once the programs are installed into the hard drive, we can use the keyboard/mouse to provide our input in creating files and documents. Some programs actually operate automatically in the background while we are entering our creative data into other programs.

In comparing the brain to a computer, the hard drive is tantamount to the subconscious mind in that both require downloaded programs to carry out their functions. In contrast, the conscious mind is represented by the keyboard; this where the ‘operator’ can introduce data and ideas into the system. Simply, the subconscious ‘hard drive’ possesses read-only programs, while the conscious mind can introduce new information through the keyboard that provides the system with a read-write capacity.

When operating from the conscious mind, we are the creators of our lives.

Becoming the Creators of Our Own Lives

When operating from the conscious mind, we are the creators of our lives. However, when we operate through the subconscious mind, our lives are shaped by the raw downloaded programs we acquired in the first seven years of our lives. Science has now recognized that we only use the creative conscious mind about 5% of the day. For 95% of our lives, the conscious mind disconnects from controlling our behaviour while its attention is redirected inwards in thought.

This insight is profound because it reveals that we are not creating the lives we desire but are unconsciously (through the subconscious mind) manifesting lives that are coherent with the beliefs we downloaded as children. Since up to 70% of the downloaded beliefs acquired before age seven are disempowering, self-sabotaging, or limiting, we experience stress from the programs that undermine our conscious mind’s wishes, desires, and aspirations.

Yes, the Jesuits were right that our lives will be controlled by the developmental programming that was unconsciously downloaded into our minds by age seven. This insight was understood over 400 years ago and by those that shape our civilization. While the programming originally came from the edicts of the Church centuries ago, civilization was under the leadership of religious dogma. After Darwin, the knowledge of science displaced the control of the Church.

Busting Old Beliefs

Currently, we are now programmed by beliefs of the conventional scientific community. Beliefs that further instill the notion of limitation and disempowerment. For example, the public has been led to believe that our lives are preprogrammed in our genes, that our fate is determined by heredity. Since as far as we know, we did not pick our genes, we cannot change our genes if we don’t like the characters they encode, AND, since we have been programmed by the belief that genes turn-on-and-off by themselves, we perceive ourselves as victims of our genome. Outright disempowerment!

As civilization is experiencing an evolutionary upheaval, to thrive into the future, we must now ‘wake-up’ and take back our power, for ourselves and the rest of civilization.

As has been emphasized in the story of The Biology of Belief, just like for single cells, the character of our lives is not determined by our genes, but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel our lives. When we operate from the conscious mind we are, in fact, creators of our lives. If we heed this wake-up message we can easily turn this ship around and move into the future by collectively creating Heaven-on-Earth!