Description: We all know that we have consciousness and that it is somehow connected to the brain but isn’t the same as the mind. Some even think that it is the only thing that differentiates us from animals. But have you ever given some thought about what is it and how it correlates to reality?

Since the beginning of humankind, as we know it, people have been struggling with finding the right answers to various emerging questions – from basic existential to more complex ones.  One of the issues is about reality. What is a reality? Is it different in various parts of the world? For example, is it the same for people living in rural India and businesspeople from Wall Street? Those in India are doing lousy jobs if they can get them, like picking cashew fruit or riding rickshaw, to make ends meet.

On the other hand, those from Wall Street live in luxurious condos and drive fancy expensive cars. If we take things this way, we can say that the reality of these two groups of people is very different. Or it is the same, but their perception of it is different? Is it somehow connected to the consciousness of people who experience it?

Our team at  Best Tech Expert likes to explore and reveal scientific enigmas like this one. Here we will discuss some ideas with you and see what we can make out of it together. We know it exists, we talk about it, but can we define it?

Idea examples

Relationship Between Consciousness and Reality

Let’s look at first what we think, or instead, what science teaches us about consciousness and reality.

Science defines reality as things that are ‘real’ – a real living being, the real universe, and so on.  So, it is something physical that we can see, touch, and taste.

When it comes to consciousness, science connects it to the brain and mind and at the same time, keeps them separated. The difference is that the mind is continually changing, while consciousness remains constant.

But, living in a world that is so diverse, the question that arises is how can we say what ‘real’ reality is?  Another example is that some people get severe health conditions at a young age and suffer throughout their entire lives while others enter old age without having even flu.

This brings us to the conclusion that there isn’t such thing as one universal reality for all, as it depends on other factors as well.

Some say that if we want to find answers to some of the questions asked above, we need to look into quantum physics reality consciousness theory. Scientists involved in this field claim that instead of thinking about universal reality, we need to change the focus and think about universal consciousness and the metaphysical aspects of reality.

The idea of a universal mind or universal consciousness is that it is an omnipresent and omnipotent phenomenon that has all existing knowledge.

This universal mind that we are all part of creates our reality. Or, we should say realities, since there isn’t only one truth.  It means that reality is what we create using resources from universal consciousness. As it is not a strict category, neither the same for all people, we can shape and change it.

We don’t mean that everything is in our heads.  Earth does exist with everyone and everything in it, not because it is a product of our mental activity.  However, if we assume that reality is part of our consciousness, then everything we are surrounded with and ourselves is in our mind and controlled by us.

You might be totally confused. No worries; lots of people, even scientists, still feel the same way and rely solely on materialistic science.  But let’s see if we can explain how consciousness creates reality through a relatively simple example.

Let’s take an overweight person X. At some point, she or he decided to change the lifestyle completely and started dieting and exercising. After a while, the results were visible, and everybody was complimenting him/her. However, the consciousness got used to seeing the overweight person, and that created the sensation of fear of being overweight again. The result is this person doesn’t see his/her body as it is now, but continually at least with few added pounds. That’s because the body is nothing else but our perception of it.

Conclusion: If you think these are complicated concepts, and there is more to explore to understand how things function, you are right. Human minds and consciousness are still a big mystery, and we don’t understand even half of it. If you are interested to know more about this topic, you should check out some of the books on consciousness and reality. Did you ever think about in what ways your awareness creates your reality?