First thing you have to know about the truth is its truth. It already exists. Your perspective towards truth evolves with the time.

Let’s say for e.g., sun revolves around the earth. We believed this to be the absolute truth, and that’s what was visible to the naked eyes. But as we evolved we realize it was otherwise. It’s the earth revolved around the sun.

Truth is constant. Our perspective towards the truth evolves over the time. The universe is huge. We come closer to the truth of the universe, as each day we scratch for it.

You will evolve with the time. The truth already exists. You have to come closer to the truth, each day of your life.

What’s your truth?

We all as an individual have our truths. People living in the Babylonian times have their truths. As the life evolved our individual truths also have evolved with it.

What do you believe?

Not necessary it has to be the eternal truth, nor it has to be believed by others, but you should always know what you believe in. Your belief is your truth. Not the belief of the society or your friends, but what you believe in becomes your truth. Your life revolves around your truth. It doesn’t matter whether you belief something is true or false. If you believe in it, it becomes your truth, irrespective of its authenticity.

What’s your belief?

When you know your beliefs, you can move deeper into your beliefs and come closer to the eternal truth. When you closely observe your beliefs, you can realize the truth behind it. Whether it’s real or made up.

Our mind is such that, if you focus it on something, it brings the authenticity of it. The attention allows you to shed the false from your life. The truth comes on the surface with the time.

You can see the moon. Today we can land up on the moon. This wasn’t our belief in the past. Moon was just the far-fetched thing for all of us. Our beliefs evolved with the time. Today out of experiment we landed on the moon. Today it’s not our beliefs, but our reality. We can land up on the moon. What we do there, is a different thing.


Your perspective in life plays a major role. You cannot hold anything tight. You have to let lose yourself, so that the present life can be visible more clearly to you.

Every moment of life comes with the limitless possibilities. We have a single perspective to see life. This perspective comes out of the past experience. The past simply limits our vision in the moment. The time you stay open to life, endless perspective remains open to you in the moment.

Stay open to life. No matter what you are experiencing now, stay open to all the possibilities of life. Don’t limit your beliefs. Look at the sky. Keep your mind open, just like the sky. Don’t try to hold onto anything.

Observe the natural flow of life, and direct your energy in that direction. Life flows in a positive direction. Life is creative. It’s affirmative. Even at the time of destruction, life has its own plan of construction. Life as a whole destructs to constructs something new.

If you search for your truth, you will get rid of all those small and petty things that you engaged yourself in day to day life.

Know your truth. Do something that you have never tried before. Experiment with your life. Look for the experiences that you have never experienced before. Be honest in life.


The Essence of Truth and Love

We always miss to see the complete situation. Any situation or circumstances of your life never appears as a whole. You always experience life with a limited perspective. If you realize that your perspective is limited in the moment, you will never hold your perspective strongly, and you will always remain open to life.

When you stay open to life, you can see the other side of your perspective. You need to trust life. Trust is missing from our lives.

Your truth makes you happy, satisfied and contented. Your truth can act as a mirror; you can have a self-reflection out of your truth. Your truth is basically what goes into your mind in that particular time frame. The truth constructs and designs your life.

Whatever you speak to yourself on every day basis, it constructs your truth.

If you have developed your life on an individual perspective, sooner or later it will fail. If you have a broader perspective to view life, considering all the different aspects of life, your individual truth can still last longer. But if you have built your life closely by observing the nature of life, your life will thrive with the eternal process of life.

In life, few regret their lives not to live to its full potential and at the same time there are others, who are well satisfied and contented with their lives.

What’s the difference?

If you have challenged your beliefs every now and then, then no situation or circumstances of your life can pull you down, as you will always find the way to overcome those situations. All the satisfaction and contentment in life comes by believing in oneself. If you believe in the self and stay open to different ways of life, you are always prepared to face any challenges of life.

Your truth connects you to this moment. When you are present in this moment totally, you can see the past and future of your life. If you know where you have come from, and where you want to go, you can consciously choose your actions in the moment.

Your actions in the right direction can solve major problems of your life. When you know, you are on the path of solving your life time problem, you feel confident from inside.

 Life is a miracle. If you really want something, you will find the way. If you make a half-hearted attempt, the universe will know, and you will somehow fail. It doesn’t matter if you do something for one year, two year or ten years. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal life or professional life, if you are all into it, you are going to succeed. If you do it half-heartedly, you are bound to fail in your life sooner or later.

When you live your truth, you at-least know what you want in your life. When you make a conscious choice, you can give everything that you have to life. This simply eradicates your chances of failure from your life.

Life follows a process. If you are part of that process, you succeed. If your life is out of process, you fail, it’s that simple.

You may have seen marriages fail after 5, 10 or 15 years. After investing so much time in the relationship it fails. This only suggests you were not 100% in your relationship. You went halfheartedly. The same applies to your professional life. You only succeed if you live your truth and give all that you have to life. There is no looking back in life. Either you are in it or you are out of it.