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8 Signs of a Successful Life (Without Being Rich or Famous)

If we only knew. If we only knew how happiness works. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? So many of us continue to ask the question, “What would make me happy?” Of course, by asking the question, you inevitably proceed to brainstorm potential answers. Is it family? Is it status? Fame? Education? Income? A nice car? A…
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Gracefully Receiving is Just as Important as Giving

The Law of Giving and Receiving “Giving opens the way for receiving.” — Florence Scovel Shinn Deepak Chopra wrote a book that changed my outlook on life. I stumbled upon it very early on in my quest for spiritual truth — it’s called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Now I know most of you have probably read…
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The Economy and Success According to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Zen Buddhist master, Thich Nhat Hanh has a very different theory about why our ecosystems are dying and our financial systems are crumbling. The Vietnamese monk credited with bringing mindfulness to the West believes that our desperation to succeed at all costs fuels our voracious economic system. An innumerable number…
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