Business and life have changed in the past few months, haven’t they? What plans you had made for 2020 probably had to go through some overhauls or be put on hold until 2021 and beyond.

Our views on what matters, too, might have changed. Family and friends, always important to anyone with a modicum of success, have been looked upon even closer in the hopes that none of them caught the coronavirus. It also probably pushed entrepreneurs to ask deeper questions about their purpose, passion, and direction in all aspects of business.

Take a big step back from your business for a minute. Look at what you have built and created over the past few months or years. Can you feel proud of it? Does it weigh you down too much, making you feel like it is more of a drudgery than something exciting?

Success is a beautiful thing to happen with anyone. It can be as simple as getting a new client or finally breaking through that six-figure level. Deep down, though, you and I are being asked to look at success in a different light.

I’ve come to believe that every single human being on Planet Earth has a soul within them all. It is a guiding light that houses so much information about your life and calls you to switch from hustle-and-grind mode. Quietness, calmness, peace, and good health provide your soul with a balance that you might have lost in recent years.

Let your soul be an anchor for success

Why talk about your soul when it comes to success? Well, many people reach the pinnacle or mountaintop in their chosen field, get all the golden goodies, praise from social media followers, acclaim from other high-profile entrepreneurs…and still feel an emptiness inside.

I’m not saying that you don’t have the hunger or thirst for helping people solve their problems anymore. Not in the least. Your soul, though, can definitely play a bigger role in grounding you when everything feels like it is falling apart. 

What do I mean by grounding? It’s a term that people who meditate probably have heard before. Grounding means to sit still, let your butt get comfortable on the floor or in a chair, and visualize your inner energy helping you feel more centered inside your body. 

If you read about many high-profile, successful entrepreneurs, then you will see many of them speak about the value of meditation. It is quieting your mind from the constant chatter, the to-do lists, the appointment calendar, and the friggin’ cell phone tied to your hand. This quieting of your mind has been a success suggestion since the days of Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” and other new thought writers. 

This process allows your soul to become an anchor for success. Imagine being connected to so much information inside yourself that you can bring it forward into new interactions, content, new ideas, and possibilities. Your soul’s deepest longing is for you to feel loved. I truly believe this is one of the most important ideas in today’s world. If you grasp this even a little bit, then you are one step further toward a successful breakthrough.

Admittedly, thinking about success through a lens of spiritual wisdom might not be your cup of tea. It’s understandable because if you’re not busy 24/7, then you aren’t a success. Is this what you have been taught? Is this what your entrepreneurial “gurus” are teaching you? If so, then I’d suggest that you take a step back and sit with the idea of your soul being an integral part of your own life.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Let your soul be your guide

There’s an old saying that says, “Let your conscience be your guide.” That’s quite true, but your conscience lies within your mind. To me, it can be a valuable force to lead you into making congruent decisions and choices based on your business goals.

The soul knows a lot, too. It is a reservoir of patterns, thoughts, intuitions, “gut feelings” and so much more. Your inner wisdom lies within the soul and can definitely give you a perspective far beyond your income stream. This perspective looks at all aspects of success…from your team and employees to your personal life. If you are successful in one area but not another one, then changing your perspective might be a good idea.

Listen, everyone gets caught up in their own heads a lot. It happens all the time. Many people learn to feel ashamed when they are overthinking their work. Overthinking leads to procrastination, which turns into inaction and can turn success into failure. This is not your intention at all because it is feeling and seeing success in all areas of your life that matters a lot.

But you do have the ability to let your soul be your guide, too. As I said earlier, if you look at the histories of the world’s greatest businessmen and businesswomen, then you will find that they have tapped into powers far beyond their conscious mind. This “inner wisdom” or “inner guidance” has led many to make decisions that changed the course of what they were doing. If they can do it, then you can as well. 

Let your heart play a role, too

Empathy, compassion, and inspiration are words that get overused at times. In business, they get the short stick because they aren’t too sexy and beautiful. Some of you want the “gimme the tips, tricks, and hacks” stuff like a junkie looking for their next fix. This isn’t good as a regular thing and I’ll give you a couple of reasons why.

First, all the tips and hacks in the world — even though they might work for someone else — are not representative of who you are on the inside. They are simple band-aids you stick on your business and hope it all works out. Is this something that comes from your heart or from the latest how-to book on the best-sellers’ list? Think about that for a minute.

Second, clients and customers truly want to feel like they are important. Empathy and compassion call for you to listen with your heart wide open. Rate sheets and bank balances are good and should be important to have around all the time. Do they replace empathy and compassion in your business model? I hope not. When empathy starts showing up in your advertising, content, videos, and other things, that becomes a magnet for people. 

“Empathy is simply listening, holding space, withholding judgment, emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of you’re not alone.” – Brene Brown

There will never be a shortage of individuals who hunger for someone showing them empathy. Look around your world right now and see if you can find examples of empathy in business. In these times, it might be easier to spot because people desperately want and need someone with a heart to help them out.

This is where your heart comes into play. “Have a heart” isn’t a pithy statement or outcry. You really need to have a beautiful heart and soul together for success. Head knowledge only goes so far. Statistics and data are great barometers for your business, no doubt about it. But your heart is something quite special because, well, it’s all yours and allows you to feel emotions and feelings inside you.

If you have been spending so much time on your business that you are devoid of feelings and emotions, then stop whatever you have been doing and change course. This will give you a new and different perspective on success.

Be willing to bring your soul and heart into the middle of your business. Let it be lighthouses that lead you into greater success not only for yourself but for the world around you, too. When you do, everything starts falling into place more and more every single day.

You’ll also have a different perspective on success. It will mean more to you than ever before…and that, my friend, is a good thing.