In many places of Asia, singing bowls are still used. Especially in Tibet and the Himalayas, you might be able to see these wonderful pieces in musical shops or bookstores.

Well, as the name suggests, the chief attraction of a singing bowl is the sound that emanates from it.

Singing bowls, when used in a certain way, can bring out a vibrational sound which can help you connect with your inner spirit. The better the bowl quality, the better will be the vibrations of the sound.

Generally, when you want to buy a singing bowl, you would like to test it by lending an ear to the sound that it emanates. However, nowadays, you might also get singing bowls of good quality online as well.

Singing bowls usually are aesthetically beautiful. But the sound they produce is pure and healing – it helps you ground yourself and center your energy levels.

If you haven’t had an encounter with any singing bowls yet, you must find one and engage with it to see how it can heal you.

Singing bowls can look plain but sometimes, they might come with an Om sign or the image of Buddha. It can be adorned with other spiritual images too. Many singing bowls might have some support provided with it – a silk cushion perhaps.

Singing bowls are essential for Feng Shui as well. Singing bowls, in general, are considered as a kind of bell and in Feng Shui, it is used exactly for that reason. Feng Shui cures can be administered based on the ‘open’ quality of the singing bowl and it can have a powerful quality similar to bells.

However, to really get the ‘peaceful’ and ‘healing’ sound of the singing bowl, you need some practice. Singing bowls may come with the mallet attached with it.

If you use it well, then you might feel the positive energies entering your house, environment, and body.

Here is how you can make use of a singing bowl to heal yourself:

1. If the energy in your house is low or stagnating, then a singing bowl can help in making the energy levels of the house fresh and clean. Since Feng Shui wants you to engage in many clearing sessions, singing bowls can help in clearing away negative energy.

2. Feng Shui cures can be performed with singing bowls by engaging with the Bagua area that gives the metal sounds from the bowls.

3. If you want to challenge the stars of Feng Shui which bring negativity to your space, then the pure music emanating from singing bowls can help you a lot. When you use them to tackle the negative stars present in the Earth element, it is especially effective since metal has a way to weaken Earth.

You can create the music from the singing bowl by striking the mallet on the bowl rim gently and then moving it in a circular movement. The vibration that emerges will heal you and make you feel one with the energy around you.

Singing bowls have often been used for healing and calming. It’s been there for thousands of years and can help in bringing a change in your lifestyle.

Reach inner levels of peace like never before with the help of the Sound Therapy Tibetan Singing Bowl. Once you feel low and distressed, start producing calming music on the Sound Therapy Tibetan Singing Bowl and feel everything melting away.

So, be positive and bring pure energy in your personal space with the singing bowl.