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The People Who Hurt Us Are Vehicles for Our Growth

“You only see in others what you have in yourself.” ~Annette Noontil I now recognize, after observing painful patterns repeat many times, how things that trigger me are just lessons I need to learn that are often delivered through other people. The more painful the experience, the more I can see (in retrospect) I learned…
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Unlock Your Spiritual Energy for Prosperity

When a human embraces the process of spiritual self discovery, it can become confusing to understand what spiritual energy actually is. While this confusion does play a role in one’s knowledge through trial and error, people often get blinded by the real truth behind the spiritual journey. The reason this is crucial for success and prosperity…
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How to Let Go of the Past, Move on, And Live a Happy Life

Reminiscing about your past can have adverse effects. Whether it’s memories about a lost lover or missed opportunity, the past can make you have low self-esteem and doubt yourself. It can also make you sad and stressed all the time because you find it hard to accept that whatever is happening now is going to last. Fortunately, you can…
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Forgiveness Can Improve Your Health

Not only that, your body depends on it. Let us shed some light on the correlation between forgiveness and good health. You need to be aware of the dangers of holding a grudge and what it means to your body and to know the benefits of forgiveness. According to John Hopkins Medicine, “chronic anger puts…
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