For many years scientists have been saying that only two things exist in the Universe, that being matter and energy. Now they say, there really is just one thing, and that is energy. It is rather strange that it took us that long to arrive at that conclusion, given that Einstein did say that energy is nothing more than mass traveling at the square root of the speed of light. Our reality is split into a duality. Everything has always been separated, day and night, up and down, believer and non-believers, matter and energy, material and spiritual. We make the mistake in thinking that all things are separate.

No one thing of a whole can exist without the other. I love the way the Egyptians say it, “Matter without spirit is motionless, and spirit without matter is expressionless.” When we embrace the two and bring them together in unity, then we experience a connectedness, a divine and beautiful wholeness that is perfect and beautiful and is an expression of the infinite energy of Love and Bliss.Unity. Connected. Infinite Energy. Those are three words that would describe the work of pioneer scientist Nassim Haramein. His work is at the forefront of finally bridging the gap between science and spirituality. ‘Spirituality is the physics that we haven’t yet understood.’ says Nassim Haramein. He has authored a paper titled “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass,” which has been validated and published in the peer review journal, Physical Review and Research International. This paper discusses Haramein’s “Connected Universe” theory, which offers a new and alternative understanding of gravity through basic algebraic and geometric equations. Haramein’s work indicates everything in the universe is connected. He has proved mathematically, what the sages and saints have being saying since the beginning of time: We are all one.

Central to Haramein’s concept of the universe is the idea of a vacuum or space in which we interact and create our reality. The Universe is 99.999% empty. The same is said about an atom. Have you ever wondered what drives the planets around the sun or for that matter what drives the electrons around the proton in an atom? For something to move, it needs an input of energy. Where is this energy coming from? What looks like space and what looks empty is actually not.

The space between atoms in the molecule is not empty. It is full. We are bathing in an energy that is the source of all creation. This was always known by civilizations. How much energy is in the space inside the atom? The density of the vacuum was found to be 1094grams/cm3. If you took all the stars and planets in our universe, and compressed them so they would fit into 1 cm3 of space (the size of your finger tip), the density of that 1 cm3 would be 1055 g/cm3. That is 39 orders of magnitude less than the density of the vacuum! There is an infinite amount of energy in the “nothingness” more than there is in the matter. If we were to extract one billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a percent of what there is in space we would have enough energy to run this whole planet! There would be no pollution, there would be no carbon output and there would be enormous amounts of energy for anybody that needs it anywhere on our planet or even our Universe.

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The space is the source of everything. It is the medium that connects all things. Haven’t the mystics always said that we are created of nothing, and we come from nothing and shall return to nothing? The paradox is that the nothing is everything. If the space makes up 99.999% of the Universe, then the space is everywhere, always present, and connected to everything.

How does the vacuum/space work? When we look into the vacuum, the main mechanical function of this energy is like a fluid, a super fluid. We are not even aware that the fluid even exists. It is like asking the fish, ‘how is the water?’ The vacuum produces vertical vortexes around a physical object. The shape of this is that of the torus. Haramein says that nothing comes into existence if it is not spun into existence. In the center of this torus (spinning vortex), absolute stillness is present. This is seen in nature in a tornado. The center of a tornado has no wind. It is still. All masters have spoken about turning inwards, going to the singularity (God). The shape of the vortex is absolutely special.Sacred geometry is said to be a visual expression the universe. For example, the famous Flower of Life has been carved into many temples and holy places around the world. Another expression of the universe, as already mentioned is the double torus shape. Many masters that were able to reach that point of stillness, that point of singularity at the center of their existence actually witness the fundamental geometric principal of creation.That double torus is a function of the space-time manifold. When it goes to the zero point, to the singularity where absolute stillness is present then the geometry goes to the minimum amount of vectors for stability, the minimum amount of vectors for absolute equilibrium.

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Water is the source of life on Earth and is sacred. A newborn is composed of approximately 75 percent water. Humans are fundamentally connected to water. Six-fold geometry or four-fold geometry is fundamental to the structure of space-time. That geometry is matched by the geometry of water structure and that’s why all life emerges from water, because it’s the information that is going from the structure of space-time to the water molecule and then it’s the molecules that produce the biological organization.

Haramein says that every atom including those we are composed of, is a black hole that both absorbs information from the vacuum and also radiates information out like a white hole which is a black hole operating in reverse of the vacuum. It is everywhere, it knows everything, it is the source of all information and it self organizes everything. It could be called God.